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Hack 2nd Season Episode Listing

See No Evil
Hidden Agenda
Presumed Guilty
Collateral Damage
Out of The Ashes
My Fare Lady
The Looking Glass
Blind Faith
To Have and Have Not
Dial 'O' For Murder
Calibrated Arguments
Double Exposure
Fog of War
Extreme Commerce
Misty Blue
One For My Baby
The Reckoning

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Air Date

September 27, 2003




See No Evil


Olshansky attempts to protect a young man from a pair of corrupt Drug Enforcement Administration agents who want him dead for having been the only witness to the scene of their multiple homicides, on the second-season premiere of HACK, on its new night, Saturday, Sept. 27 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Robert Singer, one of the series' executive producers, directed the episode from a script by Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner. Jacqueline Torres ("F/X: The Series") and Matt Czuchry ("Young Americans") join the series in recurring roles.

Despite realizing that the fast-talking young man, Jamie Farrel (Czuchry), initially lied about his past -- and even feigned being blind -- Olshansky sees a bit of himself in this troubled loner and remains committed to helping him through his very real, potentially deadly, situation.

Meanwhile, with his legal woes behind him, the newly divorced Olshansky remains a cab driver but seeks to make a fresh start for himself in other ways. His first steps include moving into a new place -- where he meets his lively next-door neighbor, an ex-nun probation officer (Torres) -- and trying to distance himself from Marcellus, who suddenly finds him needing Olshansky’s friendship more than ever.

HACK is a drama about Mike Olshansky (David Morse), an ex-cop turned taxi driver who seeks redemption for his professional and personal missteps by fighting for and righting the wrongs of others. Once a decorated police officer, Mike was kicked off the force for taking money from a crime scene. He now works as a cabbie to make ends meet, but his true calling is using his police know-how to help those in need.

When moonlighting as a crime-solver, he often goes to his morally ambiguous former partner Marcellus Washington (Andre Braugher) for inside police information and unofficial backup. Marcellus, in return, has Mike assist him on cases by doing the work a cop can't do.

Mike also makes use of Jamie Farrel (Matt Czuchry), a 22-year-old con artist who owes Mike -- and gets a kick out of putting his street smarts to use in order to help with Mike's pursuits. On a personal level, one of Mike's greatest joys is spending quality time with his son, Michael, Jr. (Matthew Borish), who lives with Mike's ex-wife, Heather and her new husband.

Also refreshing to Mike are the ever-positive outlook and frankness of his new thirty-something next-door neighbor, Liz Garza (Jacqueline Torres), an ex-nun who is embarking on a new life as a probation officer. Wanting to make amends for his mistakes and to maintain the recently renewed respect of his son, Mike continues to intervene in the troubled lives of his fellow Philadelphians.


Robert Singer


Eugenie Ross-Leming and Brad Buckner


David Morse

Mike Olshansky

Andre Braugher

Marcellus Washington

Matthew Borish

Michael Olshansky, Jr.

Jacqueline Torres

Liz Garza

Matt Czuchry

Jamie Farrel

Gregg Edelman

Dr. Ryan Ambrose

Chuck Cooper


James McCaffrey


Dean Malissa


Richard Barlow


Patrick Dizney


D. Sabela Grimes

Strung Out Dealer

Jennifer Massey

Suburban Woman

Rayna Favinger

Tense Woman

John Lumia


Chalie Corrado


Walt McPherson


Tom Teti


James Rebhorn

Richard Farrel


6.5/11, 9.3 Mms Viewers, #49


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